Top Online Community Colleges in Missouri

Online community colleges in Missouri are now playing a major role in student education. It provides students with a flexible and cost-effective option to earn a degree or certificate from a reputable institution. These colleges save time and money by permitting students to earn academic credits without attending traditional campus-based institutions.

Missouri is a great place for students who are seeking to pursue online education in community colleges. With a variety of options and programs available, students can choose the right online community college in Missouri that suits their needs. Online community colleges in Missouri offer programs ranging from associate’s degrees to certification courses. They also have flexible schedules that cater to students who work full-time or have other responsibilities.

Online Community Colleges in Missouri

There are a variety of accredited online community colleges available to residents of Missouri.

The Benefits of Online Community Colleges in Missouri

Online community colleges in Missouri offer flexibility, affordability, and diverse program options to students.

Online Community Colleges in Missouri

Community colleges are educational institutions that provide students with the opportunity to acquire academic and technical skills they can use to pursue different careers. In Missouri, there are several community colleges that offer online programs. Online learning has become more popular, particularly because of its flexibility. Students can access course materials and lectures at their own pace, study from any location, and still receive the same quality education as those on-campus. This article highlights some of the online community colleges in Missouri and what they offer.

Tuition Rates and Financial Aid

In comparison to four-year institutions, community colleges are generally more affordable, and this is the case in Missouri. The colleges charge tuition based on the number of credit hours, and the rates are lower for in-state residents. Missouri residents can expect to pay tuition ranging from $112 to $132 per credit hour, while out-of-state students pay slightly more, between $246 and $277 per credit hour. Financial aid is also available for eligible students. Some of the commonly awarded forms of aid include federal grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study programs.

Hybrid and Fully Online Programs

With the blended learning approach, students attend some classes on campus and complete others over the internet. Hybrid classes are ideal for students interested in hands-on learning, as they can attend labs or practical sessions on campus. Fully online programs, on the other hand, give students the freedom to complete all their coursework online. Missouri online community colleges offer a variety of programs which include:

Associate Degree Programs

Associate degree programs at community colleges typically take two years to complete and provide students with foundational knowledge and skills required in various careers. Online associate degree programs offered by Missouri community colleges include:

  • Associate of Arts in General Studies
  • Associates of Applied Science in Accounting
  • Associates of Applied Science in Business Administration
  • Associates of Applied Science in Computer Networking
  • Associate of Science in Business Administration

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are career-focused and can prepare students for entry-level positions. They take less time to complete, with some taking only a few months. Missouri community colleges offer various online certificate programs which include:

  • Business Management
  • Child Development Associate
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Information Technology
  • Web Development

Transfer Programs

Transfer programs are ideal for students who intend to continue their education to a bachelor’s degree. These programs are designed to prepare students for smooth transition into four-year institutions. In Missouri, some of the available online transfer courses include mathematics, communications, psychology, and public speaking.


Online community colleges in Missouri offer a fantastic opportunity to earn a degree or certificate while working or balancing other obligations. These institutions are affordable, accessible, and offer a wide variety of programs that cater to the needs of the students. Whether you’re interested in pursuing an associate degree, certificate program, or transfer credits, Missouri online community colleges have something for everyone, and the flexibility that comes with online learning ensures that you can study at your convenience.


1. What is an online community college in Missouri?

Online community colleges in Missouri are educational institutions that offer classes, certificates, and degrees over the internet to Missouri residents. Online classes are asynchronous, meaning that students can complete coursework at their own pace, on their own schedule.

2. Are online community colleges in Missouri accredited?

Yes, online community colleges in Missouri are accredited by regional accrediting agencies and are required to meet the same accreditation standards as traditional community colleges in the state. It’s important to ensure that the online community college you choose is accredited by a recognized institution to ensure that your diploma will be recognized by employers and other educational institutions.

3. What types of degrees can I earn from an online community college in Missouri?

Online community colleges in Missouri offer a variety of degrees, including Associate of Arts (AA) degrees in liberal arts and sciences, as well as Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees in fields such as business, criminal justice, nursing, and information technology. Some online community colleges also offer certificate programs in various vocational fields.

4. Are online classes harder than traditional classes?

Online classes are not necessarily harder than traditional classes, but they do require greater self-discipline and time management skills. In online classes, students must motivate themselves to complete the coursework on their own time, without the structure and support of a traditional classroom setting.

5. How much does it cost to attend an online community college in Missouri?

Tuition costs vary depending on the specific online community college, but they are generally more affordable than traditional four-year institutions. Missouri residents can take advantage of in-state tuition rates at online community colleges in the state.

6. What are the admissions requirements for online community colleges in Missouri?

Admission requirements vary depending on the online community college, but generally, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be admitted. Some community colleges may also require placement tests or letters of recommendation. Students should check with the specific community college’s website or admissions office for more information on their admissions requirements.

7. Do I have to live in Missouri to attend an online community college in the state?

No, you do not have to be a resident of Missouri to attend an online community college in the state. However, many online community colleges offer in-state tuition rates for Missouri residents.

8. Can I transfer credits from an online community college in Missouri to a four-year university?

Yes, many online community colleges in Missouri have transfer agreements with four-year universities in the state that allow students to easily transfer credits earned at the community college towards a bachelor’s degree program.

9. Will my online diploma look different than a traditional diploma?

No, the diploma awarded for completing an online program at a community college in Missouri should look the same as a diploma awarded for completing a traditional program at the same institution. There is no distinction made on the diploma between online and traditional programs.

10. Can I get financial aid to attend an online community college in Missouri?

Yes, many online community colleges in Missouri participate in federal financial aid programs, including grants and loans. Students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for financial aid.

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