CHEA Accredited Online Colleges: A Guide to Finding the Best Option for You

Getting higher education is not only important for personal growth, but it also leads to better job prospects and higher salaries. The traditional college experience is not for everyone, and that’s why online education has become increasingly prevalent. However, it’s essential to make sure that the online degree program you choose is from a reputable institution. That’s where CHEA comes in; the Council for Higher Education Accreditation is an organization that evaluates and recognizes institutional accrediting agencies and accredits degree-granting colleges and universities.

Accreditation from CHEA means that the online college has met rigorous and comprehensive standards for quality and accountability. Graduating from an accredited institution makes you more competitive in the job market. More importantly, you can be confident that the online college program you’ve chosen provides you with the knowledge and skills that employers value. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the CHEA accredited online colleges that offer high-quality education without breaking the bank.

What is CHEA accreditation?

CHEA stands for Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and it is a private, non-profit national organization that maintains quality assurance and performs accreditation of higher education institutions.

Benefits of attending a CHEA accredited online college

Attending a CHEA accredited online college ensures that the education you receive has met a certain level of quality and that your degree will be recognized by potential employers and other institutions.

Top CHEA accredited online colleges

Some of the top CHEA accredited online colleges include Liberty University, Arizona State University, and Southern New Hampshire University.

The Best Affordable Accredited Online Colleges For Students


Education is an essential aspect of our lives. However, the cost of education can be overwhelming for many. Fortunately, online education has revolutionized the way students can obtain affordable accredited college degrees. This article provides in-depth information on the fifteen affordable accredited online colleges for students.

Cost/ Tuition

One of the most important considerations when choosing an accredited online college is the cost. The following are the top five affordable online colleges with the lowest tuition:

1. Brigham Young University-Idaho
2. Georgia Southwestern State University
3. Fort Hays State University
4. Salem University
5. University of Central Florida

Brigham Young University-Idaho has the lowest tuition rates, with in-state tuition at $4,118 and out-of-state tuition at $4,118 per year. Similarly, Georgia Southwestern State University and Fort Hays State University offer tuition rates of $7,965 and $9,687, respectively. In contrast, Salem University and University of Central Florida provide affordable tuition rates for out-of-state students.

Programs and Majors

Accredited online colleges offer a wide range of programs and majors. The following are ten affordable accredited online colleges with diverse programs and majors:

1. Western Governors University
2. Southern New Hampshire University
3. Liberty University
4. Colorado State University-Global Campus
5. Grand Canyon University
6. Herzing University
7. Franklin University
8. Central Michigan University
9. Columbia Southern University
10. National University
Each of these affordable accredited online colleges has an extensive range of programs. For instance, Southern New Hampshire University offers over 200 extensive majors at affordable tuition rates. Additionally, Columbia Southern University offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in the country, with numerous degree options.

Quality of Education

While affordability is a significant factor, the quality of education offered is equally important. The following are five affordable accredited online colleges that offer quality education:

1. University of Florida Distance Learning
2. Arizona State University Online
3. University of Illinois-Springfield
4. Oregon State University Ecampus
5. Pennsylvania State World Campus

The above schools have excelled in providing quality education to students. According to reviews, they provide excellent flexible learning opportunities with highly supportive staff and faculty.


One of the benefits of online education is its flexibility, which is crucial for students with busy schedules. The following are five affordable accredited online colleges with the most flexible schedules:

1. University of Massachusetts-Lowell
2. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
3. University of Arkansas
4. Florida International University
5. American Public University System

These schools have flexible schedules that enable students to balance their studies with busy work schedules. For instance, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell offers an asynchronous online format, where students can complete coursework at their own pace.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Many accredited online colleges offer scholarships and financial aid programs to help students finance their education. The following are five affordable accredited online colleges with the best student aid programs:

1. Western Governors University
2. Pennsylvania State World Campus
3. Columbia Southern University
4. American Public University System
5. Southern New Hampshire University

These schools have scholarships and financial aid programs that cater to the financial needs of all students. For instance, Columbia Southern University offers scholarships to students based on academic performance, community involvement, and financial need.


Choosing an affordable accredited online college is an excellent way to obtain a degree without emptying your wallet. Students should consider the above-listed schools when choosing a credible online college that caters to their needs. Additionally, students should conduct their research to determine which online college offers the most affordable tuition rates for their preferred major.

FAQ about CHEA Accredited Online Colleges

1. What does CHEA stand for?

CHEA is short for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. It is a private nonprofit organization that serves as a national advocate for voluntary self-regulation and peer review in the accreditation process.

2. What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of recognition of educational institutions by an independent accrediting organization. Accreditation ensures that an institution meets or exceeds certain educational standards, and it is an important consideration for employers, students, and other stakeholders.

3. Why is CHEA accreditation important for online colleges?

CHEA accreditation is important for online colleges because it validates the quality of their education programs and assures stakeholders that they meet certain standards. Accreditation can also impact a student’s eligibility for financial aid, transfer of credits, and admission to graduate programs.

4. Are all online colleges CHEA accredited?

No, not all online colleges are CHEA accredited. Institutions have to go through a rigorous evaluation process to earn CHEA accreditation, and not all institutions choose to pursue it.

5. How can I check if an online college is CHEA accredited?

You can check the CHEA website for a list of accredited institutions. You can also check an institution’s website or contact the admissions office to ask if they are CHEA accredited.

6. Is CHEA accreditation the same as regional accreditation?

No, CHEA accreditation is not the same as regional accreditation. Regional accreditation is a type of accreditation that is granted to an institution by one of six regional accrediting organizations that are recognized by the US Department of Education.

7. Can I transfer credits from a CHEA accredited online college to another institution?

It depends on the policies of the receiving institution. Generally, credits earned at a CHEA accredited institution are more likely to be accepted by other institutions, but transfer policies can vary.

8. Can I get financial aid if I attend a CHEA accredited online college?

Yes, you can get financial aid if you attend a CHEA accredited online college. Accreditation is an important factor in determining whether an institution is eligible to participate in federal financial aid programs.

9. Are there any drawbacks to attending a CHEA accredited online college?

There are no inherent drawbacks to attending a CHEA accredited online college. However, it is important to do your research and make sure that the institution you choose is a good fit for you academically, socially, and financially.

10. What are some of the best CHEA accredited online colleges?

There are many excellent CHEA accredited online colleges to choose from, including Arizona State University, University of Florida, University of Southern California, and Penn State World Campus, among others. It is important to do your own research and find the institution that is the best fit for your needs and goals.

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